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I. About

Reagen Varross is a british couture brand synonymous with elegant silhouettes and innovative design. Specialising in exquisite red carpet gowns and luxury occasion wear, the house mission is to create with uncompromising quality & originality in order to nurture pride and confidence in our clients. 

Welcome To  A World Of Exceptional Craftsmanship

Fashion and style is personal, so we believe the process should be too. Creating couture is so much more than just clothes; it's a relationship with a client, it's the inspiration and backstory intertwined within your piece, it's the fabrics and the mills that manufacture them and most importantly it's the vision yourself and our creative director have carefully curated to transmogrify a sketch into personal wearable art. 




III. clients

Our clients are the epitome of style and sophistication. They trust us to dress them for their most memorable moments, from creative industry projects to exclusive galas. We take pride in our long-standing relationships with discerning international individuals who appreciate the art of couture.


IV. contact

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