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Couture Service

Couture Gown With Pearls
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We offer a made to measure service to our clients that wish to have custom pieces. This is an immersive creative experience that involves consultations and fittings throughout the design and manufacturing process. 

From daywear to the red carpet, our creative director will work closely with you from design concept through to delivery ensuring your vision has been realised. 

If you are interested in our couture service, please get in touch via the button below. 

What's the process?


Initial Consultation

If you choose our couture service, you will first meet with our creative director to discover your vision and discuss your project. In this meeting you will discuss the garments you require; time frame and event e.t.c. including measurements being taken for your piece. 


First Fitting

When the first sample has been created you will be called to arrange a fitting. Alterations can be made at this stage along with any adjustments or additions to your design - as we will go back and amend the patterns accordingly. It's rare that the fit is perfect in the first fitting and Reagen will usually advise a minimum of three fittings before creating in final. 

Depending on the piece this process can take some time so it's critical that you start this process well in advance of your event. 



For our full couture service, the process can take up to 6 months depending on your design intricacies and needs so be aware of your time frame when you want to start the process.


Design Realisation

After this consultation the design will be created and sent to you with fabric swatches for approval or alterations. Once confirmed we will begin pattern cutting for the first sample and construct in a mock fabric to test the fit and features.


Final Fit & Delivery

Sometimes amendments require a further fitting once the sample has been altered - you will be advised during your first fitting if this is needed depending on possible design changes. If your design remains the same throughout the process, you may come back for a final fitting in your finished piece to double check everything is exactly how you want it. Alternatively the piece can be sent to you upon completion. 

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